When you contact me, my first question will be, “What led you seek help from an Intuitive?” Sometimes people are feeling stuck in their lives and would like help finding their direction. Other times, people are simply wanting to make sure their loved ones who have crossed are okay. Here are the types of services I offer to help you with the questions you seek answers to.

Reading to Connect ~ $110.00

If you are looking to connect to a specific person, or would just like to see who “comes through” for you, this would be the appropriate reading for you. Payment for $110 via PayPal or Cash App confirms your appointment spot. Readings done remotely or via video conference. (I am not meeting in person at this time). You do not need to be physically present for me to read you!

Reading to Heal ~ 150.00

My favorite kind of readings are about helping your soul progress in the most effective way possible. While I am happy to contact loved ones you may have lost, I feel my greater purpose is to help people along their path, whether or not that includes reaching out to loved ones. In this type of reading, you don’t necessarily know WHO you will encounter. Typically, loved ones come through, but so do Guides, Past Life Aspects of You, as well as other helpers! Why be limited to one source of guidance when we are able to gain the full picture of how you can live your best life by reaching out to ALL of our wonderful helpers?!

Together we identify the problems affecting you by viewing your etheric body (AKA your soul or energetic footprint), looking for deficiencies in your chakras which might cause physical and emotional pain (usually from energy flow blockages), clearing and balancing them, dissolving any cord attachments you might have (unhealthy energetic exchanges between you, other people, items, or even pets!) and then communicating with your guides, angels, and other helpers about what issues are affecting your soul’s development, and moving from there.  There may be karmic issues from past lives that need to be integrated or released. Most problems can be resolved, for a greater sense of calm and peace.

My services are unique in that they are done remotely, so you do not need to be present to be read! Our healing doesn’t require a physical body to take place, and our Guides are always happy to facilitate this kind of healing, wherever you may be! A lengthy description of the reading is sent via email afterwards, and follow-up email or phone questions are welcomed. I find this method to be effective because you always have the information to follow up with later! Sometimes you need processing time to really understand your message in the clearest way possible.

You may wonder why readings of this sort are so expensive? Quite simply, I have to connect to another dimension that has a higher vibration than ours. This is physically draining for me and sometimes hard to sustain connection to. So the price reflects the physical aspect of the job for me.


  1. Initial contact – We will discuss what you would like assistance with and my availability. Since the service is done remotely, you are free to go about your day while I do my reading! I have a mantra I will have you repeat to help me connect with you as clearly as possible.
  2. Payment for $150 via PayPal or Cash App confirms your appointment spot.
  3. You repeat your mantra on the morning of the reading and I will conduct my reading. Immediately after, I will type my report of the event and send it to you (can take up to 2 hours to complete, depending on the complexity). This report includes the description of your “power stone/crystal” for you at this time, a description of your chakra and cord clearing process (including blockages and steps taken), and a description of/messages from any beings that may be with your etheric body (including spirit attachments, loved ones who may be there with you, Spirit Guides, Angels, or any other guides who want to communicate at the time). Very frequently, past life aspects of yourself appear during this time as well, especially if your problems or strengths correspond to what you are currently experiencing. Sometimes it takes several lifetimes to work these issues out!
  4. The $150 fee includes a follow-up email conversation or a 15-minute phone or video conference to explain my findings.

Children’s Services ~ 110.00

I’m passionate about helping families who have children with special connections. If you believe your child is having problems connected to a past life, if they are having disturbances at night or if your child has psychic abilities and  your are unsure what to do next, I am available to consult with your family to develop a plan of action.


10% discount offered for military families. Please fill out your information on my contact page for more information or to book a service.


Legal Disclaimer: By agreeing to a reading with Emily, you are agreeing to and understand the concept that Emily is not an Attorney or a Medical expert, and therefore cannot give you legal or medical advice, or medical diagnosis. Emily will not be held liable for any decisions or actions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Services are not to be considered substitute for any legal, medical, financial, or professional counseling. Your consultation is subject to your own interpretation – Emily is not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of a consultation with her.